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COURTNEY’S JOURNEY OF LIVING LIFE OUTSIDE HER COMFORT ZONE – AND I AGREED We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Courtney Baker. She runs an artesian calligraphy print shop at Paper Heart Calligraphy. She’s passionate about inspiring women leaders and it is authentic. Here’s her sharing some of what she is experiencing as she moves […]

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Don’t Let Your Hills Slide Away

Don’t Let Your Hills Slide Away With any kind of construction, you are bound to face challenges with controlling erosion and the deposit of sediments. The possibility of erosion is elevated by changes being made to the environment of the site.  Water runoff contributes to the deposit of sediments and increased pollutants. These negative environmental impacts can all […]

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CRM as a Sales Tool

At DH Dial we believe that using a CRM is paramount to successful businesses. The challenge is there are so many to choose from. Where do you start? How much do you spend? Those are two critical questions. What if we told you there was one you can use for free! And it only takes […]

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Denbow – Culture & People

Denbow – Culture & People I’ve had the privilege of working with the team at Denbow. They are a pretty fun bunch and they offer some amazing services. Here’s a simple list: One Ton Truck Delivery Service – Perfect for small orders for guys like me Mulch – Blown in or delivered Soil – Veggie Soil, […]

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LED Light Bar – EMD Case Study

One of our partners, LED Light Bar, has recently launched into a highly competitive niche market of LED Light Bars. We’re interested to see if the investment in the brand as and EMD, is all that they thought it would be. They purchased, what they feel, is their first valuable domain. At least it’s a perceived value. […]

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