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Fun Activities To Do In Abbotsford

Some Fun Activities To Do In Abbotsford

Abbotsford is indeed quite a beautiful and historic city. It is an agricultural community too and there are numerous fun activities that you can do when you visit it. Abbotsford is considered the bread basket of Vancouver and has plentiful dairies and farms. Other than having a lot of wonderful dairies, Abbotsford is also home to raspberries and blueberries as well. However it must be noted that Abbotsford is not just an agricultural community and has plenty of culture and history as well.

Abbotsford is a community based on different cultures; it has the South Asian Community, the Chinese and the Europeans. There are some historic sites like the hundred year old Gur Sikh temple. The structure reflects the hard work and toil of the Indian people. The building is a National Historic Site in Abbotsford now.

Abbotsford has a diverse culture and it also is host to a multicultural festival to bring all the communities together. This article provides some cool and fun things to do during your visit to this beautiful town in British Columbia, Canada.

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Fun Activities to Do in Abbotsford for Kids

The Reptile Guy

Mike Hopcraft is the kind of guy who knows that even the most exotic creatures have feelings too. It’s not just the cute fuzzy ones. The Reptile Guy houses rescues and those creatures that have been surrendered to him and he’s made it his life’s work to protect those most misunderstood by us: snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs, and spiders, and to educate us about them.

Fun Things to Do in Abbotsford for Teens

Bowling & Billiards

“Well, ya got trouble, my friend … right here in River City … Trouble with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for pool.”

Remember The Music Man? Well, thankfully, there’s not that stigma about the pool hall anymore.  (Although, I suppose if you’re a teenager, you wish there was.) Anyway, come hang out at the “pool hall” and the bowling alley with your pals.  Snooker. Pool. Arcade games, pinball. So hard to not be cool ‘round these parts.

Fun Things to Do in Abbotsford for Families

Silverbrook U-Catch Trout

Back in the day, it was a stick and a string and a poor wriggly worm.  And you had to hike uphill both ways in the snow in bare feet.  Well, you’re in luck, at Silverbrook U-Catch, there’s a rod with your name on it (well, it doesn’t really have your name on it; you’ll have to share), a lake with your fish in it (really), and, chances are good, you don’t have to hike uphill both ways to get there.  You even get to take your catch home with you for dinner! Yummy! Hope Granddad’s around for the gutting!

Fun Things to Do in Abbotsford for Grownups

Tretheway House Heritage Site

There’s a reason books like Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series are so popular – we love to have the past recreated for us.  It’s not the Scottish Highlands, but come see what life for a Canadian lumber baron was like in the 1920s, both in the house and gardens, and then take a stroll around beautiful Mill Lake.

Duft & Co. Bakehouse

Don’t go to their website. No, don’t.  You don’t want to see those pictures.  Really. I’m only saying this for your own protection – you’ll get your laptop wet.  Fine, you asked.  Fresh, handmade cinnamon buns, almond croissants, bread pudding, lemon sugar buns, this privately owned artisanal bakery in Historic Downtown Abbotsford has all this and more, and then there’s the lunch menu!  Stop by for a delicious and addictive experience.

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