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LED Light Bar – EMD Case Study

One of our partners, LED Light Bar, has recently launched into a highly competitive niche market of LED Light Bars. We’re interested to see if the investment in the brand as and EMD, is all that they thought it would be. They purchased, what they feel, is their first valuable domain. At least it’s a perceived value. It technically has no value until the URL is actually put it to work. Once you’ve put it to work you should start seeing some results and see your website get ranked within the keyword of “LED Light Bar”.industrial-ledlightbar

LED Light Bar is a Shopify Ecommerce site that is built to service the USA market with an Australian built product by Earth Track Group. The Earth Track Group is the Canadian distributor of the Earth Track Group in Australia. Both companies are filled with an interesting bunch of people who have done some SEO work of their own. Together we should be able to create value and build more traffic and branding to help us all succeed.

I did my research, I purchased the domain, I have my Google Adwords running, my Google Analytics set up and I am ready to rock and roll. The question will be, I have built it, will they come?

LED Light Bar EMD Case Study


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